Available now on streaming platforms!

Available now on streaming platforms!

Proud to work with Blue Canoe

Proud to work with Blue Canoe


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For Your Consideration In the 2022 GRAMMY Awards® 

Engineered Album, Non-Classical 
Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals (Time Out Of Mind) 
Global Music Album 
Rock Song (Don’t Let Go) 
Rock Song (Seroquel) 
Rock Performance (Don’t Let Go) 
Recording Package 
Improvised Jazz Solo (Heart of Glass) 
Music Video (Seroquel)

World Premiere: Tiny Circles

Thanks for attending the Tiny Circles - video world premiere on YouTube! 

We're going live with our next video release on 11/17/2021 -
For the WORLD DEBUT of DON'T LET GO, at 12pm PST.  
(1pm MST).  



Tiny Circles: First track from Scott Kinsey and Mer Sal’s album, Adjustments. 

Written by Mer Sal, Scott Kinsey 
Video directed by Mer Sal, Andrea Ladanyi 
Video edited by Artur Gevorgyan 

Music Produced by Scott Kinsey 

Mer Sal - Vocals, bass 

Scott Kinsey - Keyboards, Engineer, Synths 

Scott Henderson - Guitar 

Gergo Borlai - Drums 

Andrea Ladanyi - dancer, choreographer 

Recorded at Wishbone Studios 2019-2021 

Mixed by Scott Kinsey 

Mastered by Scott Kinsey 

Hair and Makeup concept by Andrea Ladanyi