Meredith Salimbeni - "Mer Sal" 

Mer Sal has contributed her vocal style to recordings and gigs with giants, working across diverse projects and genres. 
Mer Sal has notably written and released a viral fusion album full of special musicians ranging from Scott Henderson to Jimmy Haslip, Pedro Martins to Danny Carey – partnering with Los Angeles jazz synth kingpin Scott Kinsey, called "Adjustments." 

Mer Sal recorded on "Native Dancer Series" for Wayne Shorter, by Vera's Heartbeat, toured with We Speak Luniwaz: The Music of Joe Zawinul, sung on ARC Trio's records with Jimmy Haslip and John Daversa Big Band, and sang several tracks on The Dream - by Karl Sterling. Performing live, Mer Sal is always supported by world class instrumentalists - for example, Scott Kinsey, Gergo Borlai, Hadrien Feraud, Jamie Kime, Gary Novak, Doug Webb, Bob Reynolds, Toshi Yanagi, Francisco Fattorusso, Charles Ruggiero, Travis Carlton, Jimmy Haslip, and several others! 
Her sets can be a mixture of authentic soul, funk, and blues, or original fusion music involving vocals, with some of the most relevant fusion artists today! Mer has been compared to other rising singers of the fusion, jazz, neo-soul, and blues scene, but what makes her unique is the line she walks so evenly between jazz fusion, midcentury American music, and 2000's R&B.


Meredith has worked with 

The Baked Potato - once a month since 2020, Jimmy Haslip, Scott KinseyJeff Lorber, Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton, Paul Perress, Melbreeze, Jimmy Earl, Toshi Yanagi, Gary Novak, Jeff Richman, Gergo Borlai, Patrick Bartley, Hadrien Feraud, Katja Koren, Thai Long Lai, John Daversa, Andrea Ladanyi, Karl Sterling, MSM Schmidt, Chef Dave Blues Allstars, Danielle Nicole, The Colorado Blues Society, Jason Ricci and the Bad Kind, Junior Braguinha, Mohini Dey…

Recorded with:

Scott Kinsey, Scott Henderson, Danny Carey, Bob Reynolds, Brandon Fields, Steve Tavaglione, Michael Landau, Oz Noy, Nir Felder, Walt Fowler, Achibald Leggonaire, Peter Erskine, Junior Braguinha, Josh Smith, Laura Clery, Mitch Forman, Pedro Martins, Alex Machacek, Jimmy Haslip, Hadrien Feraud, Tim Lefebvre, Michael Janisch, Cyril Atef, Marilyn Scott, and more!


Mer Sal's debut group at The Baked Potato, Studio City, Los Angeles - Scott Kinsey, Jimmy Earl, Toshi Yanagi, Gary Novak


'“…of course if Jimmy Haslip says trust me, you listen. So I came to the vocal session and proceeded to meet Mer. We really hit it off on the session and got some really great vocal takes – her professionalism really knocked me out …"
"...I was really impressed by just how good she actually is .. “ 

-Scott Kinsey, in interview with Angel Romero, Progressive Rock Central, September 2021

"[Mer Sal] sets the standard against which all other female fronted Americana blues oriented recordings will be measured [...] in Colorado."   
-Chris Kresge, The Colorado Sound Playlist

"Get [Smile], throw it on, and just listen to it. You will listen to it again and again. If not… you’re probably dead inside."  
-Jay Wallace, Bandwagon Magazine

"Sal herself takes on the bass for “Tiny Circles” and “Bleeding Tears”, and Kinsey performs the Trilian bass on “Crying Smile” and “Fifty Circles Around the Sun.” Beyond that, they called on Tim Lefebvre, Hadrien Feraud, Jimmy Haslip, Junior Braguinha, and Michael Janisch to supply the low end."
 -Kevin Johnson, No Treble

“Mer Sal is bumping with soulfulness!” 
-Ferell Aubre, The Jazz Word 

“Vocalist Mer Sal has a rich and expressive voice"
"She gets earthy!"
-George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

“Oh, did I mention that this woman can SING.”  
-GREG "BLUESDOG" SZALONY, Blues Blast Magazine 

"Sal scats through this tune and the mid-century vibe reminds me of jazzy buskers in the French Quarter.”
-Julia, BolderBeat


"Mer Sal’s dynamic vocals fit well!" 
-Smooth Jazz Daily 

"The vocal stylings of Mer Sal are thoughtful and sound like pop at first, until she reaches almost the halfway point in the song. Then, she switches to a little vocalese that any jazz fan would appreciate.” "Refreshing and worth hearing!" 
-Dodie Miller-Gould, LemonWire 

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Mer Sal has a rich and expressive voice...She gets earthy!” - George W. Harris

— Jazz Weekly

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