Offering voice lessons

I'm available to train voices on Zoom. 

My experience: 

10 years and 10,000 hours of improvisations in front of audiences 

8 years of intensive study at a Broadway conservatory 

10 years teaching experience giving private lessons 

4 years of college experience in performing arts 

10 years experience as a session vocalist and instrumentalist 

2 years experience producing and engineering singers 

20 years experience learning privately from teachers in music forms including: classical technique, choirs, jazz choirs, acapella singing groups, Broadway belting, musical theater/voice acting, R&B/soul/gospel, the Blues, "pop" singing, and healthy technique. 

1 lifetime of dedication to the art of the voice, all improvements and motivations culminating into a personal style. 

I prefer to teach generally any student serious about the craft. I am recommendable as well to people who already have some experience singing...though I can and will teach the fundamentals to everyone. 

I work for the singer as an individual with their own needs, tackling every voice issue directly with them, and can improve you in ten total hours of working with me. I am professional and we won’t waste time. 

I am fun in general, being an artist myself for a living, spending half my time in LA and half in Denver. I can teach remotely via video. 

If I seem like someone who would interest you to take lessons, you may reach me here.

No checks, please... Venmo and PayPal only.