Before landing a singing career in Los Angeles, Mer Sal toured the west for nearly 8 years — singing while playing bass.  During her formative years, Mer shared the stage and studio with such musicians as Danielle Nicole, Jason Ricci, Samantha Fish, Tommy Castro, Southern Avenue, The Boogie Boys, Vixen, Alvino Bennett, and many others. 
As a kid, Mer studied for six years at a musical theater conservatory for youth.  As a teen, Mer attended Colorado State University to study the art of performance.  

In 2020, Mer Sal began work on the album “Adjustments” with jazz synth player and producer Scott Kinsey.  The Tribal Tech keyboardist and the Denver blues singer met on a session with Yellowjackets bass player, Jimmy Haslip.  

The 2021/2022 album “Adjustments” features a recent assortment of Mer Sal’s original songs, tastefully produced by Scott Kinsey.  
The featured musicians on Adjustments are an A-list: 
Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Hadrien Feraud, Gergo Borlai, Pedro Martins, Danny Carey, Steve Tavaglione, Walt Fowler, Brad Dutz, Tim Lefebvre, Jimmy Haslip, Junior Braguinha, Scott Henderson, Oz Noy, Alex Machacek, Sumitra, Nir Felder, Josh Smith, Michael Janisch, and introducing Mer Sal, on vocals and a few bass tunes. 



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The Symbols (2011-2019)

 While fronting The Symbols, Mer Sal released 3 full length albums, touring the Western United States.  She was a best selling female vocalist-instrumentalist artist in the Denver area in the 2010’s, selling tens of thousands of copies of her record “Catching Fire,” rising as a blues-jazz vocalist. During these important years Mer Sal shared the stage and the studio with popular blues artists Danielle Nicole, Jason Ricci, Alvino Bennett, Samantha Fish, Robert Randolph, Kirk Fletcher, Erica Brown, Tommy Castro, GoGo Ray, Southern Avenue - to name just a few.  Mer’s band seemed to make friends everywhere they went, and often the bands they befriended would go on to co-bill again with her. 

Meredith must have performed 10,000 hours, in dresses and heels, on stages across America, sleeping in vans and eating at truck stops. 

Then, things started to change… 

2019 and On:

Working with Jimmy Haslip

Yellowjackets founder and bassist Jimmy Haslip met Mer on a recording session where she was invited to co-write a song called "Lucky" with keyboardist Jeff Lorber. Arriving well-prepared, Mer Sal's warmup take of "Lucky" became the master take, and everybody was in and out of the studio in less than one hour.  The song came out great and was considered for a Grammy in 2019. 

In 2019, Jimmy Haslip felt compelled to invite Mer to sing on another recording, this time for Parkinson's therapist Karl Sterling, on a record featuring an assortment of greats from the fusion-jazz world including Gary Novak, Peter Erskine, Jimmy Haslip, Bob Reynolds, Brandon Fields, Carolyn Samuelson, Jeff Richman, Scott Kinsey, and many others! They created an upbeat sounding record called “Dream” to encourage Sterling's Parkinson's patients. Mer Sal flew to Los Angeles to sing in the studio, and it was there that she met Scott Kinsey. 

Dream turned out great, and Karl Sterling was pleased.  It came out on Blue Canoe records, and was submitted for a 2020 Grammy.  Karl Sterling became good friends with the musicians involved in his project.  


Working Romance with Scott Kinsey

Mer Sal and Scott Kinsey began a romantic and musical pairing from afar, and it took 9 months before they reunited in person again, after their first meeting.  The two have been together ever since! Scott and Mer began working on a full length musical collaboration titled “Adjustments."  

One month before the pandemic lockdown of 2020 began in Los Angeles, Mer Sal performed with Scott Kinsey's group (that night consisting of: Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Jimmy Earl, and guest Alex Sill) at The Baked Potato.  It would be at least a year before anyone on Earth could play another show.  
To keep their dream moving forward, Mer Sal and Scott Kinsey spent the year of lockdown making an album.  Scott called together top shelf musicians to perform on what has become the album "Adjustments".  
"Adjustments" album signed to Blue Canoe Records, and was released September 17th, 2021.   


Working with Danny Carey (Tool)
Scott and Mer visited the Tool Loft, to hang out with Danny Carey, when everyone decided, why not record Danny's drums for a few spots on the album?  
Danny said that he'd love to.  Carey and Kinsey have worked together on all of Kinsey's albums.  

Some footage of Danny Carey (Tool) recording drums (2020) at Tool's studio in Los Angeles, as part of the album "Adjustments" (2021).   


Work surrounding Wayne Shorter:

Scott Kinsey and Mer Sal were asked to perform on a birthday gift for Wayne Shorter, during the pandemic of 2020.  The songs are all in Portuguese by Brazilian artists mostly.  Wayne listened to all of them, while on dialysis from his home.  


Work for Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton

Mer Sal has since studied Portuguese pronunciation and recorded a track in Portuguese for Instagram actress/comedian Laura Clery and husband producer/musician Stephen Hilton - called "Baby"...recorded for the birth of their second child, Penelope.   Laura Clery sings on the choruses.  Due to the popularity of the couple, this track has gone viral!