Discography and Press



2024 (In progress): 
-MSM Schmidt, Arc Trio, John Daversa Big Band - album in progres, expected 2025.  
-Scott Kinsey Group - “Live At Jazzdock: We Speak Luniwaz” expected 2024
-New Mer Sal album in progress, expected 2025
-New Scott Kinsey album “Thought Distortions” to be released in 2025

-ARC TRIO: Arceology-  (Jimmy Haslip, Scott Kinsey, Gergo Borlai) with John Daversa Big Band performing the music of MSM SCHMIDT, Vocals on “Quartet”, Blue Canoe Records

-Scott Kinsey and Mer Sal - "Adjustments" - September 17th, 2021 on Blue Canoe Records
-Paul Peress "Falling Awake", vocals "Falling Awake," "Can't Let Go", 2021
-Stephen Hilton - "Baby" - lead vocals, joined by Laura Clery on choruses, available on Spotify
-Melbreeze - I Love Paris - Blue Canoe Records, 2021- background vocals and effects

2020, Fall:
-Vera's Heartbeat Presents: Miracle of the Fishes - Wayne Shorter Tribute, vocals


-Scott Kinsey - "We Speak Luniwaz"- Japanese Release" - Vocals, "They All Know"
-Karl Sterling, "The Dream", vocals "Happy," "Don't Give Up," "Here to Love You" - Blue Canoe Records
-Gary Dean Smith / Xpansion Of a Sum - "Awakening", vocals and writing, "Awakening," "Lucky (feat. Jeff Lorber)" 

-The Symbols, "Catching Fire" - vocals and writing on all tracks.  

-The Symbols, "Symbolized" - Vocals, arrangement, all tracks.  

-The Symbols, "Smile" - vocals and writing, all tracks.  


Press quotes

“Mer Sal is bumping with soulfulness!”  
-Ferell Aubre, The Jazz Word  

 “Vocalist Mer Sal has a rich and expressive voice" 
"She gets earthy!" 

-George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly 

 "Mer Sal’s dynamic vocals fit well!" 
-Smooth Jazz Daily 

 “Well received and reviewed since it’s early 2019 release, ‘Awakening’ [featuring Mer Sal] has been a delightful addition to the contemporary jazz scene. It spent over a dozen weeks on the NACC Charts and received airplay on both terrestrial stations as well as Spotify.” 


"The vocal stylings of Mer Sal are thoughtful and sound like pop at first, until she reaches almost the halfway point in the song. Then, she switches to a little vocalese that any jazz fan would appreciate.” "Refreshing and worth hearing!" 
-Dodie Miller-Gould, LemonWire 

"[Catching Fire] is the record that sets Mer Sal up among the premier female blue-eyed soul singers in Colorado today." 
"[Mer Sal] sets the standard against which all other female fronted Americana blues oriented recordings will be measured [...] in Colorado." 

-Chris Kresge, The Colorado Sound Playlist  

“Oh, did I mention that this woman can SING.” 
-GREG "BLUESDOG" SZALONY, Blues Blast Magazine  


"Get [Smile], throw it on, and just listen to it. You will listen to it again and again. If not… you’re probably dead inside." 
-Jay Wallace, Bandwagon Magazine