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 April 13 at 12:00 PM  · 

Excited to announce: 

WANNA BE FREE off of artist/producer Paul Peress's forthcoming album "Falling Awake" has just been released on all streaming and purchasing platforms...
Meredith Salimbeni - lead vox
Tim Lefebvre - bass
Mitch Forman - keys
Brandon Fields - sax
Bashiri Johnson - percussion
Paul Peress - drums/composition


"Baby (Gal Costa)" by Stephen Hilton
Quite recently I learned some basic Portuguese language over the course of a few days, and Scott  Kinsey and I had the fortune of making a beautiful song with  producer Stephen Hilton and wife, actress Laura Clery.   
"Baby" is originally a song by Brazilian singer Gal Costa.   
Stephen recorded "Baby" for their new daughter Penelope.   
Mer Sal - Portuguese/verses 
Laura Clery - choruses  
Scott Kinsey - synth 
Stephen Hilton - synth

April/2021 News:

Excited to announce "ADJUSTMENTS" - Coming September 17th, 2021, on Blue Canoe Records!

Humbled to work with an incredible talent and human whom I love, named Scott Kinsey.  Cannot wait to share this treasure!

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